[NEWS] Uniqlo UK Will Introduce More K-Pop UTs: 2NE1 included in the choices!

Uniqlo surely made fans happy with their Big Bang’s UTs, and this time are presenting a poll for their next project.

If you believed that only VIPs were going to enjoy their idols UTs you were wrong.

Uniqlo will release new UTs but this time you can pick which k-pop idol will be featured.

Hurry and vote at their official Facebook account and let’s see if Blackjacks, Cassiopeias, ELFs, SONEs, Shawols, HOTTEST or Wonderfuls win on this new k-pop battle.

Please click this pic to be linked to the poll. Once on FB, select the poll with the same title. :D

source: UNIQLO_UK @ facebook
Capped results as of  11.05.07, 01:03 KST by renKa002 of LetsPlay2NE1

Taken from gokpop.com

Note: 2NE1 is leading with 755 votes!
This is for Uniqlo branchs in the UK! But I won’t be surprised if they decide to sell this in all their shops :]


7 thoughts on “[NEWS] Uniqlo UK Will Introduce More K-Pop UTs: 2NE1 included in the choices!

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  2. 2NE1 is leading? Hell yeah!! Gogo my favourite girls~
    Personally I was rather shocked when I saw the results of the poll. I thought DBSK or SNSD would be leading but perhaps they’re not as popular in the US? Maybe it’s because the R&B and Hiphop types of music that YG produces appeals to US more than the usual kpop music? But I don’t really care either way! I hope 2NE1 wins so I can have 21Bangs UNIQLO shirts!

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