[GOODIE#40] Fierce CL Fan-art

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[VIDEO] Park Bom is Mnet Idol Chart Ranking’s 5th MR Removed Singer

Hey guys, I think you guys have already gotten used to this? Mnet has a programme where they do such rankings based on a different theme weekly. This week is on idol singers who still sound good when the MR [Music Recorded] is removed.

2. IU
3. Taeyeon/ SNSD
4. Changmin/ 2AM
5. Park Bom/ 2NE1
6. Taeyang/ Big Bang
7. Hyorin/ Sistar
8. Kyuhyun/ Super Junior
9. Jonghyun/ SHINee
10. Song Ji Eun/ Secret
11. Yonghwa/ CNBlue
12. Hongki/ Ft Island
13. Suzy/ Miss A
14. Hyun Bin
15. Kim Yuna
16. G.O./ MBlaq
17. Gayoon/ 4minute
18. Kim Soo Hyun
19. Junsu/ 2PM
20. Yoseob/ Beast

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[NEWS] 2NE1TV returning to Mnet soon?

Mnet’s ‘2NE1TV‘ which is a show that depicts each 2NE1 member’s day-to-day life appears to be returning for another season!

On May 4th, Mnet producer Choi Jae Yoon tweeted,

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[YGonAir] This week’s YG on Air will show a sneak peek of 2NE1’s Lonely MV making and Will.I.Am’s visit!


“We had originally planned to show the 2NE1 version of Park Bom’s ‘Don’t Cry‘ this week, but because we are busily working on the music video for 2NE1’s new song, we unfortunately won’t be able to show it.

In its place, this week’s broadcast will feature news and updates on Big Bang’s Japanese tour, as well as news on Will.I.Am’s visit to the YG Entertainment building. We will also be briefly showing the music video film set for 2NE1’s ‘Lonely‘, which is scheduled for release on May 12th.

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[ARTICLE] Learn YG Artist Choreography Straight from ML Artists!


Learning idol choreography has always been a staple in Kpop fangirl/fanboy culture all over the world. And with the introduction of dance scene celebrities like the choreographers of Movement Lifestyle, the dance community has since been showing great interest in the world of Kpop.