[NEWS] So, You Want to Hear Don’t Cry Live?

Our prayers have been answered, Blackjacks! Last time, YG asked you guys if you wanted to hear Park Bom’s very successful Digital Single, Don’t Cry performed live.

Now he has responded to everyone by giving us the chance to experience it, THIS FRIDAY!


YG fueled the controversy surrounding a certain music program aired on Fridays by saying that there is a 0% chance that Bom will be performing there. Unfortunately, no other music program is aired on the same day and at the same time. So where will Bom perform? Did YGE deliberately choose that date and time to prove a point that YG artists can still be successful despite not performing in that music program? Looks like we have to stick around for more information. We’ll keep you updated!


4 thoughts on “[NEWS] So, You Want to Hear Don’t Cry Live?

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