[ARTICLE] 2NE1 to perform together next week! Guess what song they will perform


Recently, YG has revealed that Park Bom will be performing her new song, Don’t Cry LIVE this Friday. This performance is special because it presents a new way of sharing YG Entertainment’s productions without having to rely on broardcasting programs. This broadcast will be call YG on Air and is made possible with the cooperation of Naver, Korea’s biggest online portal site.

He added that this was still experimental so it is difficult to promise broadcasting schedules. YG ended his explanation of YG on Air with exciting news…

For now, we can promise a “Don’t Cry” version sung by 2NE1 next Friday.

What a treat! Papa YG really knows how to take care of his artist’s fans, both locally and internationally. 

From offering HD videos and subs of activities of YG artists on YouTube to this new development named YG on Air, YG Entertainment continues to look for new ways to defy the norms in order to give his musicians a chance to express their music sincerely to their fans.

I’m looking forward for the launch of YG on Air. Are you?

Written by renKa002 of LetsPlay2ne1
Cap and trans by Yue of LetsPlay2NE1


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