[INFO] Korean Wave 2011 in Singapore: Ticket Prices and Official Line up

Source: Korean Wave 2011 FB Page
Capped by renKa002 of LetsPlay2NE1 


[ARTICLE] 2NE1 to perform together next week! Guess what song they will perform


Recently, YG has revealed that Park Bom will be performing her new song, Don’t Cry LIVE this Friday. This performance is special because it presents a new way of sharing YG Entertainment’s productions without having to rely on broardcasting programs. This broadcast will be call YG on Air and is made possible with the cooperation of Naver, Korea’s biggest online portal site.

He added that this was still experimental so it is difficult to promise broadcasting schedules. YG ended his explanation of YG on Air with exciting news… Continue reading

[NEWS] Bom to Perform Don’t Cry Live via Naver’s YG On Air! (Translated!)


Mystery solved! There is another post on YG-LIFE regarding the details of YG On Air. We will update as soon as the information is clear.


[INTERVIEW] 2NE1 Park Bom – DON’T CRY Interview, Exclusive Promotion video

First Part.
Hello MNet viewers. This is Park Bom. On the 21st of April, my digital single Don’t Cry was released. Please show a lot of support to it.

Second part.

It was produced by Teddy oppa. It’s an RnB song with a fast tempo. House beats were also used. If you listen to the start, you’ll hear a piano melody. I really like it (only until 0:37).

Uploaded by: OUMAE19
Translations by Yue of LP2NE1 

[NEWS] Park Bom’s Don’t Cry Achieves a PERFECT ALL KILL on Instiz!

A/N: To achieve a Perfect All-kill on Instiz, you need to be mumber 1 in seven music charts namely Bugs, Daum, Dosirak, Melon, MNet, Naver and Soribada as well as number 1 in the Instiz iChart and top the digital streaming chart.


[NEWS] So, You Want to Hear Don’t Cry Live?

Our prayers have been answered, Blackjacks! Last time, YG asked you guys if you wanted to hear Park Bom’s very successful Digital Single, Don’t Cry performed live. Clicky~!