[NEWS] Amber of f(x) Thanks “Kind Minji” on their Pinocchio Album!

A common misconception about YG artists is that they are not friendly among their fellow singers. A good example that this is not the case is the friendship between 2NE1’s maknae Minzy and several other artists in the industry.

Minzy is part of Soldiers of Light. A group of Korean Pop entertainers that gather together to “inspire others to live for something greater than themselves…” headed by Jaeson Ma. They aim to ise their influence as role models in the society to increase awareness and understanding if Christianity as more than merely a religion but something deeper. It is a connection with christ that transcends tradition, race and gender.

Some artists that are part of this movement include Amber of f(x), members of Super Junior and Girls Generation, JinuSean’s Sean, Brian Joo, Vanness Woo and more.

On a side note, checkout this excerpt from Jaeson Ma’s blog post when he was just starting out in Korea!


SOURCE: jaesonma.com

CREDIT: Procrastinatoress @ Soshified
Thanks to G1NGY @ LP2NE1 !


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