[NEWS] “Park Bom” Search Trend on Melon!


Park Bom jump started 2NE1’s comeback activities with the release of her solo song “Don’t Cry” last April 21st.

Since then, not only has she been heating up music charts, her music video also reached over a Million views on 2NE1’s official Youtube channel. International fans were given a treat after YG released the song via iTunes. Adding to her feat, Park Bom searches on melon.com, a popular Korean search engine, spiked exponentially on the day her music video was released.

After witnessing the success Park Bom has achieved despite having no plans to promote the song, fans have become even more excited as to what is in store for 2NE1’s full-fledged promotions in the weeks to come.

YG Entertainment,  2NE1’s management company said that 2NE1 and the company as a whole is very confident about this album and therefore will be promoting all the songs included in it. They plan to release a song every three weeks for 2NE1’s eighteen-week activity schedule.

SOURCE: Park Bom real-time search trend via melon.com



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