[NEWS] Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry” Achieves Music Charts All-kill and Sheds Tears

Park Bom achieves music chart all-kill with “Don’t Cry” and gets an “OK” for her tears.

On midnight of the 21st Park Bom of 2NE1’s “Don’t Cry” reached number 1 on seven music charts namely Naver, Melon, Dosirak, MNet, Soribada, Daum and Monkey3.

Many popular girl groups are making their comebacks. But 2NE1 is starting theirs differently with a comeback from their main vocalist Park Bom. This gained interest from the public as evidenced by all the number 1’s that the song is receiving.

Netizens reactions towards “Don’t Cry” has been positive, claiming that it even surpassed it’s predecessor “You and I” which also proved to be a massive hit. It is expected to garner even more great reviews in the future.

“Don’t Cry” starts off with a piano melody and continues with a house beat harmonized together forming a fast tempo RnB dance song. Like “I Don’t Care,” “Fire,” “Can’t Nobody,” and “go Away,” it also produced Teddy who is also responsible for her previous hit. “You and I.”

Also in the music video, Park Bom shows a little acting by shedding some tears. Bom though not a professional actress, said “I’ll give it a try” after the staff from the music video suggested she cry, which impressed and surprised the staff after she shed tears and captured just the right amount of emotion.


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Newsen via Nate News
CREDIT: dez @ DC2NE1

A/N: This is NOT a direct translation but an article written based on the information from the source.

2 thoughts on “[NEWS] Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry” Achieves Music Charts All-kill and Sheds Tears

  1. I really like 2NE1members. But i love park bom. She’s so cute. You’re good at singing, dancing &acting. Bom fighting.
    I love u, bom…………..

  2. im so happy for 2ne1 and so proud for BOm..im so happy for the success they are gaining today,,blackjacks give them so much love,,,and yeah,,bommie did cry,,the park siaters are very good in acting and expressing their emotions
    ( i remeber when dara cried in their it hurts MV) the park sisters crying scene in MV was epic,,right????

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