[GOODIE #37] What is the Plot for Bom’s Please Don’t Cry MV?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Some Korean netizens are weaving their speculations as to what the plot for Park Bom’s solo song, Please Don’t Cry will be based on the teaser pictures alone. Check out the different stories after the jump!

1. Bom is dead an is already in the next world. Bom’s boyfriend (Kim Young Kwang) is still mourning the loss of his love. Bom travels back to tell her boyfriend: “Please Don’t Cry.”

2. It will be a continuation of the “You and I” music video. Bom’s boyfriend is dead and she’s telling herself that he is in a better place.

3. Another continuation story for “You and I” Bom also dies and is sent to the other world, here she is reunited with her love, leaving no reason for her to cry anymore.

These are just some stories that the fans think will fit the teaser pictures released so far. How about you guys? What do you think the MV will be about? Tell us and comment below!

Only about 11 hours until the music video is released! Are you guys excited?

CREDIT: 찰고구마 & 그렇게☆ @ DC2NE1


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