[RUMOR] Did Soompi.com get a glimpse of Bom’s new song?

On April 18, 2011, YG Life reported that Park Bom will be releasing a new song with MV entitled, “Please Don’t Cry“, as well as other exciting updates on 2NE1’s plans for this year. Blackjacks all over the world will surely be delighted for YG’s plans for a long and aggressive promotion for the girl’s songs. With promotions and a solo concert being prepared there will be much anticipation from fans and the music industry.

Now, a few days before YG’s annoucement on April 15,2011, Soompi.com was able to visit the YGE Building to discuss BIG BANG‘s Global Promotion Event. While their representative was there, he had heard a new song in the next studio.

When I first read the article I was struck by the line, “I could hear one strong unique voice singing over the melody but couldn’t make out who it was although the instrumentals were quite clear.” Of course, YG doesn’t have a lack of unique voices in it’s company but two singers first came to mind – Gummy and Bom. Gummy is a very powerful singer and is known for the emotions she puts in her songs but… the way writer of the article expressed how the song had sounded like and knowing that 2NE1 was in production for their new album, I became convinced that it was Bom.

jvik of soompi, the writer of the article, had written, “The song started with a piano sound which reminded me of Big Bang’s “Tell Me Goodbye,” except the piano was playing slightly slower.  The vocals came in and the beat picked up; the background beat sounded like a club beat with a techno vibe to it.”

This matched YG’s description of Bom digital single. “The single is the work of Teddy, and features a piano and house beat, which acts as a fast-paced R&B dance track.”

Fellow member, Dara, had also released a few teasers that fit the description of the song as you see below.

Do you think soompi was lucky enough to have caught a glimpse of the song? Do you think the song they heard was really Bom’s?

Based on this article from soompi and YGLife as well as Dara’s me2day (1, 2)
Videos from BBXVJ@YT and nyxtim3@YT
Written by renka002 of LP21

This article does not reflect the principles and values of this site. The writer only wishes to share her opinion and excitement for the upcoming events.


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