[NEWS] 2NE1 is “Coming Soon”

Time to get excited Blackjacks! The news has finally come straight from YG Entertainment! 2NE1’s comeback is just around the corner!

Big Bang has just started promoting their 4.5 Mini Album with the songs Love Song and Stupid Liar, but it seems that YGE can’t wait to tell Blackjacks all over the world that 2NE1 is about to hit hard with their comeback to the Korean music scene. Their Japanese debut has been set back due to the circumstances that arose there which pushed their Korean album release early to the end of April. But aside from that announcement, YG Entertainment has been keeping quiet about it and concentrated on their big brothers, Big Bang. But now that the music video for Love Song has been released, the spotlight is turning once again to 2NE1!

It’s only the first quarter of the year but it has been filled with YG family goodness! YG Entertainment artists have been busy with activities from left to right. Seung Ri released his solo album and Big Bang had the Big Bang Big Show. They also released two mini albums. Daesung has been raking in ratings for his variety show Night after Night. Psy has his Cass Beer commercial. Dara is keeping busy with her Etude endorsements. CL had a stint with Project Runway Korea. Gummy performed with long time friends Bobby Kim and Wheesung. Yoon In Na was cast as a lead role for the movie My Black Mini Dress and the whole YG Family have become endorsers for Nikon! And now, 2NE1 will be returning with a brand new sound! It seems that 2011 is indeed the year of YG Entertainment.

Be ready, Blackjacks, because 2NE1 is coming back, and they’re “Coming Soon.” As CL would say, “If you ain’t know, now you know.”

Are you ready?


WRITTEN BY: Yue @ LetsPlay2NE1

Thanks to G1nGY of LetsPlay2NE1!


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