[ARTICLE] Rock Band No Brain Wants to work with CL of 2NE1!



Where have you heard No Brain before?

Well, it’s a no brainer (pun intended~ ^.^) for YG fans out there. No Brain was featured in one of Big Bang’s songs called Oh My Friend from their third mini album: Stand Up.



No Brain recently released their 6th album High Tension at the fifteen year anniversary of their debut.

In a recent interview they were asked: “These days, there are many popular Idol Groups emerging, is there anyone in particular you want to work with?” To this they answered CL of girl group 2NE1. Drummer Hwang Hyun Sung (33) said: “If we do a song with CL, I think there a synergy effect will occur in the stage performance.”

2NE1 (particularly CL) has gained admiration from such an established talented senior group despite being an idol group that is relatively new to the music scene. There is high hopes that this group will transcend the typical notion of idol group and become musicians much like what their label mates Big Bang has achieved.


SOURCE: Nate News, FiERYxRAYE @ Youtube
WRITTEN BY: Yue @ LetsPlay2NE1


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