[ARTICLE] Dara has a Surprise for Blackjacks on Saturday?



Me2day Queen Sandara Park is brewing something up her sleeve!

Sandara Park is one of the reasons why Me2day has become successful in Korea, after two years of slow site traffic. People look forward to her updates that even become Entertainment news headlines in no time. Fans have become very thankful to the 2NE1 member because through the pictures and short videos that she posts, the fans feel closer to her and her group as a whole.

Before, 2NE1 was considered “scary and intimidating” because of their boyish image, especially when they first started out. But through the fun updates by 2NE1 members, particularly Dara, the fans got to know the cute and sweet side of the girls.

Now, Dara is preparing a treat for her Me2day Blackjacks! When you look at the Me2day Homepage, you see a calendar of their activities. Guess what it says on April 16, Saturday!




Dara will be starring in a Me2day CF! So mark you calendars and get ready for a Fresh CF brought to you by 2NE1’s Fresh girl, Sandara Park!

SOURCE: Me2day
WRITTEN BY: Yue @ LetsPlay2NE1


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