[NEWS] “I bet you won’t find me ~ ” Sandara Park’s Cute Hide And Seek Selcas Revealed


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[VIDEO] Pacific Rim Video’s version of Will.I.Am talking about 2NE1!

From every angle, it sounds amazing! “How do you do for 2NE1, what I do for the Black Eyed Peas?” Check the video out! You guys excited?

SOURCE: PacificRimVideoPress @ Youtube

Thanks to @ChrisTondsen!

[VIDEO] Dance to Can’t Nobody Eng. Version at Gameboi Club in San Fransisco!

2NE1 is slowly taking over the world! The music video for “Can’t Nobody (English Version)” Has been spotted by iBlackjacks at Gameboi Club at San Fransisco! Can’t Nobody Eng. Version, which has gained quite a good response from the world over has once again attracted attention. The music video for the said song was seen playing in the club for all to see. Exposure like this is crucial to 2NE1’s eventual transition to the American market because these types of accidental promotion creates publicity for them. After revealing to have finished eight songs with 2NE1, Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas says that with two more songs, the girls of 2NE1 may be ready to enter the world stage. But for now, simple exposure like this in the American shores is enough to keep us excited on 2NE1’s future. Are you?


Check the video for yourself!!


TIP: Benettemarie @ LetsPlay2NE1
Thanks to her friend, vonep for the video.