The Fanboy Lounge: Fire and Spirit


Whenever you plug those earphones into your ears and hit the “Play” button on your iPod, how do you feel? Do you find yourself somewhere else and do something different? What are you listening to, by the way?


* * *

It was probably the most important night of my life. While I was sitting there in front of the mirror while the stylists were fixing my hair, there were millions of thoughts in my mind. There was a lot going on and I was battling my way to find peace and silence so that I could be well-prepared for what I am facing tonight. With that one stroke of my hair and the last blow of the hair dryer, I was off.

I could hear the thousand voices shouting and calling for my name, eagerly waiting for my entrance. And when I reached the steps to the stage, the thousand voices grew even louder until I found myself standing in front of a sea of admirers.

The lights sprang to life and the sound system echoed the overture as I quickly went into position. Tonight, my first song will be my number one hit called “Love Song”.  This song is pretty upbeat and I have been practicing for years just to perfect the synchronization of my voice and my dancing. I closed my eyes, held the microphone to my lips and started singing. I did not see myself after that. All I know is that I’m all alone in my recording studio, rehearsing and not caring about what mistakes I would make. It’s what I did with every performance, it helped me calm down.

“I can’t touch you, I know yeah eh
I’m falling, catch me…”

The shouting grew much louder this time; it’s as if every shout, cry and call synchronized with my moves. One step, two step, they seem to know every move. The lights, with their various colors, all directed unto me as I reached the chorus. Then inside me, there was an explosion, an indescribable feeling that gave me energy. The music flooding into my ears was telling me not to stop, not to miss one note and move. I can see my fans’ hands all trying to reach mine, or at least my feet. I was once one of them, I haven’t even tried being anywhere near the stage on every concert I went to. Now, I am here, on my own stage with my own fans.

I’m scared, this world is meaningless
Take me to where you are, a place with the moon and stars…”


I went forward and extended my hands to the girls in front. I could not hear what they were saying as I was busy belting the notes and keeping myself in tune. But every hand that touched mine gave me even more strength and fueled the fire inside me. I ran around the stage, my back-up dancers dancing like mad who were probably trying to match my energy. These guys are great; they’ve been my family for this entire tour. They inspire me as much as I am inspiring them. Once I wanted to be like them, dancing behind my favorite singer or dancer. Now, they are dancing behind me and are probably thinking the same thing. One of them, I’m pretty sure will end up having his own stage. For the rest, I am not certain.

The sweat flooded my face and soaked my clothes. The microphone was wet from my hands but my spirits are still alive. The fire burned steadily but the heat was getting worse. I am about to explode again. As I reached the last part of the song, I cannot hear myself anymore. The shout and the cries of my fans deafened me, the fire inside nearing its climax. Then all of a sudden, I exploded. My spirit roamed free over the stage.

“… I hate this love song, I’ll never sing it again
So I can stop thinking of you, so I can finally forget you.”

The music along with the lights faded away but the voices grew even louder. I struggled to catch my breath as I stood there, bowed a little and thanked them for coming. I have made my mark, I am an idol.

But then all of a sudden, everything swirled, my vision was blurring. I spun into darkness while it sucked me and coming out into a whole new place. When the spinning stopped, I found myself walking along the sidewalk with my earphones on; my brother was staring at me with his uncomfortable look. Then I shut my iPod off and stared back at him. He gave me an awkward smirk and asked,


“Errr….. Why are you skipping?”





Love Song by BigBang


written by Henry of LP21


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