[PHOTO] 2NE1’s concert in the Philippines “The Party” flyer is out!

THE PARTY is coming! Day by day, Filipino Blackjacks are getting closer to experiencing 2NE1 LIVE on stage in their own country! As announced by Happee Sy weeks ago, THE PARTY will be on June 4, 2011.

Ticket prices are as follows (in Php):

VIP 8,500




Tickets aren’t available for purchase yet but you can reserve for VIP seats.
For VIP reservations, call (02)687-1709 and look for Charles/Rizza.

Source: bea@2NE1 Philippines Fanpage
Photo of seating layout: Araneta Coliseum
Written by renKa002 of LP2NE1

CORRECTION: This is not the poster but a FLYER for the event.


20 thoughts on “[PHOTO] 2NE1’s concert in the Philippines “The Party” flyer is out!

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  3. OMO!!
    So excited.. Can’t wait to go home and watch the concert. I’m fly back to Manila just to watch the concert..
    This is my memorable vacation ever..

  4. oh my GOD,,,this is it…thanks a lot it was re scheduled hehe so i can save a lot,lot more..haha 2ne1 here i comes,,

    • Only VIP tickets are available for reservation. Ticket release is still to be announced. Don’t worry, we’ll update the stie once we have the info :]

  5. i just want to ask if this is a major concert of 2ne1 or they’re just gonna sing 3 songs?.. i dont wanna be tricked by this promotion

    • As of now, we cannot confirm how many songs they will be performing but from what I know, this is a full concert of 2NE1 but of course, there will be opening acts.

      Ms. Sy, had said “Super Show 3 = The Party” in her FB once. I think she was trying to say that it will indeed be a concert and not just a showcase/fanmeet. :]

      LP21 will be updating info on this once Ms. Sy has announced more info : D

    • it’s like this…

      like Taylor Swift’s concert, they have an opening act. same here. it’s 2ne1 concert but they will also have an opening act.

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