[ARTICLE] 2NE1’s Can’t Nobody Eng. Version MV is Most Popular in Entertainment on Youtube!




Looks like 2NE1 has done it again. Less than a month after accumulating more than 30 Million combined views for their three-track title songs from their 1st full-length album, “To Anyone,” 2NE1 is once again making waves all over the world with their recently released music video for the English version of their massive hit, Can’t Nobody.

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[PHOTOS] Screen Caps from the Can’t Nobody Eng. Version MV!

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Finally! fans who weren’t able to attend the YG Family concert last December 4 and 5, 2010 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium will be able to witness the whole YG Family in their full splendor through a DVD!

YG Entertainment, the management company responsible for artists such as Se7en, Gummy, Psy, Big Bang and 2NE1, has decided to release a DVD compilation of the two day concert for the fans! No news as to when the release is or the what the prices are, but we, here at LetsPlay2NE1 are sure to update you as soon as information is available. So keep visiting the site!

WRITTEN BY: Yue @ LetsPLay2NE1

[INTERVIEWS] Fashionista CL & Jeremy Scott- Harper’s BAAZAR

The ever-so-fashionable: CL & Jeremy Scott

Watching CL perform on stage makes one wonder, which star did this small girl come from. But inside a Chung Dam Dong studio, if considering ‘Out of this Universe’, someone even more out there, designer Jeremy Scott was watching her photo shoot with a similar feeling. His face showed a facial expression that of which you get when you face the Rocky Mountains or YungPuRau, and the magnificent nature Lake Baikal. “Wow, truly amazing. That charismatic eye make up down to the sharp line of her chin. Truly magnificent.”He continued to comment on his marvel. Probably, anyone else who were present on the scene watching CL’s charisma even outshine the bright flash of the camera would have responded the same way.
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[ME2DAY/110408] Park Sisters goodies while in Thailand

Dara’s me2day update:

태국호텔에서 찍은 바깥세상모습! 아쉽게도 관광은하지못했지만ㅠ 태국 랙잭이들과의 소중한 추억들을 많이 만들었어요! 첫팬미팅의 기억이 너무 좋아서 자꾸자꾸 하고싶을거같아요^_^ 공연장 가득 채워준 팬분들~ 뜨거운 함성소리! 한국가사 따라불러주는 모습, 댄스커버팀 모두다!

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