[TRANS] 2NE1 Opening extreme shows in the “ 2NE1 Exclusive Fan Meeting Presented by YAMAHA

6 April, 2011 at 18.30 hrs (Thailand time) at the Thunder Dome, Mueang Thong Thani.

Yamaha the leader of automatic – motorcycle. Held a Fans Meeting Day for the four young girls of 2NE1 who are the presenter of Yamaha Fiore. This is Thailand’s first “2NE1 Exclusive Fan Meeting Presented by YAMAHA”. In addition, for this event the all four young girls of 2NE1 performed live on the stage and gave signature to fans. Also, unanimously in the Committee to find a cover dancing group that right up to be to one’s taste.

Today, “2NE1 Exclusive Fan Meeting Presented by YAMAHA ” opened the stage with Thai artists such as the band “Sugar Eyes” who performed ‘ Sugar Eyes ‘, ‘ Fall In Love ‘ and follow by artist “Bee KPN” with the song ‘ the junction ‘, ‘ TOO FAST TOO SERIOUS“ and finally Thai artists with “Ice Saranyu” performed ‘ IUC ‘, ‘ lost ‘, ‘ Parn ‘, ‘ smells ‘, including the song of “Bird Thong Chai” in the song ‘ Too Much So Much Very Much ‘ among the hot yell sounds of Thai Blackjack Fan Club.

Next, girl group 2NE1 which contains of CL, Sandara Park, Park Bom, and Minzy appeared on the stage with introductions in Thai language. Fans responded with loud screams that shocked the Thunder Dome. When asked, “How do you feel about your first organized fan meeting in Thailand?” CL said, “We did not think to before that we would have so many Thai fans coming for our meeting. I’m very glad”. Ok, Try to say something. Sandara Park said “Today is our first fan meeting. It is very meaningful for us. We’d like to thank YAMAHA for holding this event. Welcome everyone ~ .”

“On your free time, what do you do?” Park Bom said, “For me, I would like to see Drama.” When asked about her summer fashion, CL revealed that “I love jeans and plain clothes”. Park Bom said “I like dresses like what I’m wearing today.” Park Bom also revealed tips to keep herself fresh in high temperature “I want to eat watermelo.” Cl said “When we come to Thailand, I like to eat the watermelon smoothies. I want to have it every day. Several times a day.”

When asked that “What would you want to do again?” CL said “We would like to eat more fruits. Bom wanted to eat more mangosteen. Yesterday, we try to buy but we couldn’t find any.” DJ PK asked, “Your free time is spent playing Internet, Facebook, Twitter or something like this?” Minzy said “I want to play Twitter in every day. Fans send messages to me. I would ask about Thailand and how cute of fans and something like this. ” At the same time, when asked “Which country would you like to go to but haven’t yet?” Park Bom said “France.” In addition, all four young girls of 2NE1 also revealed Thai words that she’d like to learn. CL release “I want to know the meaning of the word 놀자 nolja (let’s fun!). Park Bom said “Na Rak Mai Ka [How was I cute?] (speaking Thai).” All of fans then started to scream shockingly loud again.

At the end of the interview, Sandara Park left a message to the Thai Blackjacks. “Thank you very much, I feel very glad to see many of fans come together. Today, we really prepared. I would like you to follow us well. And we will give our signature too ~ ” She said with the cheering sound of fans.

After that, the all four young girls 2NE1 become judges to choose from three dancing cover groups that had performed to 2NE1’s music. After their show finished. CL said, “It was lots of fun. I am very impressed and they dance better than us (laughter).” Sandara Park said, “This was a fun show. They have good character(?). It was very similar to and very powerful too.” She said with impressive.

The winners team for cover dancing 2NE1 is the team ‘Chocolate Kiss’. They had their pictures taken with 2NE1 and receive awards from YAMAHA. As the winners got hugs from each artist, other fans cheered loudly once again.

When it was the end of the contest, all members of 2NE1 appeared on stage to perform, “Don’t Stop The music” and followed it up with a behind the scenes look of the making of the music video. The winnner cover group danced again before the jewels showcase of 2NE1 came out to perform the song ‘ Can’t Nobody ‘ and ‘ Fire ‘. This was followed by awards of one motorcycle and signature for fans to 150 people. As the event ended, 2NE1 said their thanks to their fans and closed this fans meeting with lasting impression

Source: Pingbook
Original translations by LP2NE1 reader, MD555MAG
Corrections by renKa002 of LP2NE1


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