[VIDEOS] 2NE1 fancams from Exclusive Fan Meeting Presented by YAMAHA



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[TRANS] 2NE1 Opening extreme shows in the “ 2NE1 Exclusive Fan Meeting Presented by YAMAHA

6 April, 2011 at 18.30 hrs (Thailand time) at the Thunder Dome, Mueang Thong Thani.

Yamaha the leader of automatic – motorcycle. Held a Fans Meeting Day for the four young girls of 2NE1 who are the presenter of Yamaha Fiore. This is Thailand’s first “2NE1 Exclusive Fan Meeting Presented by YAMAHA”. In addition, for this event the all four young girls of 2NE1 performed live on the stage and gave signature to fans. Also, unanimously in the Committee to find a cover dancing group that right up to be to one’s taste.

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[TWITTER] Jeremy Scott tweets 2NE1’s Can’t Nobody MV (Eng Ver)

Designer and good friend of 2NE1, Jeremy Scott has just tweeted about his baby girls once again. This time he tweets 2NE1’s Can’t Nobody MV (Eng Ver) in case his followers haven’t seen the music video.

Jeremy’s line called “Originals by Originals” with Adidas has been worn by 2NE1 various of times. When the designer had finally met the girls, he had become close to them especially with their young leader, CL. Currently, 2NE1 is collaborating with Adidas, the brand that had brought them and Jeremy together, in a campaign entitled, “We Are Originals”.

It’s wonderful to Jeremy’s support for the girls!

How about you? Have you seen the music video?

Source: Jeremy Scott’s twitter
Written by renKa002 of LP2NE1