[RUMOR] 2ne1’s English Language Album


The rumors have been steadily floating around some social networking sites for quite some time and now it has even reached the one largest internet forums in Korea, DC Inside. Members of 2NE1’s “gallery” or subforum on DC Inside, DC2NE1 has caught on the rumor and are curious of the validity of the claim.

There has been no reported reliable source on the matter but it has been keeping netizens, particularly international BlackJacks on the edge of their seats. Everyone from the US, to Europe to South East Asia are excited about the idea of 2NE1’s English Language Album being released this year. The track list of the alleged album is as follows:

1. Let’s Keep It Moving
2. Crazy For Your Love
3. Broken Hearts
4. Trying Not To Fall
5. Don’t Stop
6. Put Up The Jam
7. Love Lasts Forever

All of these songs are produced by BEP Will.I.Am. I am so excited for this album to be released later !!!

Whether or not the track list is authentic, we have no way of knowing unless YG Entertainment, 2NE1’s management label itself confirms it. But it poses as a glimmer of hope to 2NE1’s English-speaking fans that their favorite girl group may soon be catering to the international market very soon.

Are you excited? Do you think there really will be a 2NE1 English Album this year? Let us know!

Remember to always visit LetsPlay2NE1 for updates about 2NE1’s move towards the international music scene!


WRITTEN BY: Yue @ LetsPLay2NE1


5 thoughts on “[RUMOR] 2ne1’s English Language Album

  1. wahhh!
    i can hardly wait!
    its almost been a year since they started working on it!
    love them muchies!

  2. i really hope this is not another foolish news from april fool lol

    just imagine it makes me really excited!!

    please YG, make this comes true >.<

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