[ARTICLE] Park Han Byul reveals her friendship with Dara, GD, TOP and Taeyang

Park Han Byul shared the names of her star friends that include G-Dragon, Taeyang, Dara and T.O.P.

Park Han Byul is a Korean actress and also the girlfriend of Se7en. She was asked to name some idols she is close with.

Big Bang:

She mentioned that she is friends with G-Dragon and Taeyang even before their debut. She said that after their debut they do not meet as much as they used to but that they will go out and play sometimes. At the time being is difficult to say that they are friends because people will think that she is being arrogant since they are so popular.

She continued by saying that she is still close with T.O.P since he and Se7en are close friends. Park Han Byul confessed that T.O.P is really 4-dimensional and that sometimes he is funny without doing anything.


Park Han Byul commented that when Dara arrived from the Philippines she did not have many friends, so they depended on each other. She revealed that Dara does not talk much and that sometimes people think that she is really reserved. Actually according to her they have been friends for 8 years.


Source: news.nate
Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle
Credit: gokpop


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