[GOODIE #28] 2NE1 ‘page by page’ compilation for NYLON Japan

As you all know 2NE1 is the cover for NYLON Japan’s latest issue. Here’s a compilation of 2NE1’s pages in Nylon Japan.

2NE1 for Nylon Japan

NYLON JAPAN5月号チラ見せ!2NE1、ジョージアMジャガー、ココサムナー、イザベルルーカス、ルミニーリー、水原希子、新垣結衣、IMALU、荻原桃子、桐谷美玲、川口春奈、忽那汐里、大政絢、ケイトボスワース、滝沢秀明

Source: Nylon Japan Twitter
Picture URL: http://www.mobypicture.com/user/togawatakashi/view/9120952
Shared by: skaijb of 2NE1’s Soompi Thread


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