[GOODIE # 27] 2ne1 dominates 11st site

We know that 2ne1 are models of 11st branch, but we didn’t expect that the girls would rule the whole site! See it with your own eyes!


More pics under the cut!

OK, that was an April Fool’s joke/gift to 11st made by ne-people

But here are real pics from the 11st site, the girls are really all over the place and we like it! It’s fun to navigate in their site when you see lot of 2ne1 goods inside. Following pics might be seen earlier, but some of them might be from new batches of 11st pictorials. And I don’t personally remember seeing many full pics of the girls beside at the 11st site.








Do you find the girls in this pic?



Source of the first pic & April Fool’s gift: style11st @ Twitter

Caps: G1NGY @ LP2NE1


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