[TRANSLATION] 2NE1’s BLING Magazine Interview


Part 1

The interview began when everyone had gathered outside, and then a blast of a siren’s ringing sounds. CL: (Turning around) What’s the meaning of this?  Today (March 15) Private broadcasting is set above training time.

CL: When the impact happened, I was so shocked. Thinking back on it is still very hard.

*It’s hard to think of Go Away. (2NE1 was getting ready to debut in Japan, but promotions were ended suddenly because of the earthquake, and they had to be rushed out of the country quickly.)*

Dara: I was very surprised. Until now, I still can’t believe it. I saw the damage that the other areas apart from Tokyo had. Although they had less (damage). I saw the news when I came back to Korea, and I trembled even more. It is all so sad.

Bom: But before that, we worked hard for our Japan debut, and we prepared really well for our first stage. It’s really unfortunate when I think about it. We can do overseas debut again later still, but, it is still so sad.

*You just finished a good round of domestic activities. And wow, a whopping three title track songs promotions.*

Dara: I think it was a good attempt at trying something new. I was satisfied even with trying it. But then we seemed to try three times harder than the others. We had to put in so much effort, but I am proud. Hahaha!

Bom: I’m not upset with our stages. If we did them by turns, we could have shown a bit more. Could have.

Minji: The time seemed to have passed by diligently, I think.

*One title seemed to have been difficult, so what about three, have you been practicing more on how to go about in the stage?*

Dara: We really don’t set time like it’s time for practice. Though it does occupy a huge part of our day. Besides, it just seems that way because 2NE1′s choreography changes a lot.

Minji: I’m always practicing our lines for our stage. So that it is more exciting when on stage already. I think it allows me to be more comfortable when singing my parts.

Are you prepared to go back on stage for a fairly long period?

CL: Yes, but at that time, we’ll make sure it’s the best. I feel like I already have a lot of ideas for costumes for our music videos and stage. I think that when we are getting ready, our hearts beat faster. Then we go on stage. And our spirit just rises. Hahaha!

So you jump right on top of the stage, exclaiming: Let’s play (NOLJA)?

Dara: We do that cry to help us become calmer on stage, I think. It’s like hypnotizing ourselves. I feel stronger, I feel better!

Bom: At those moments, I think like other people, and not as Park Bom. Park Bom would get too embarassed, and would not be able to sing properly. It was a lot of trouble when I was a trainee. When I was in a foreign country, I went to a training with a teacher to overcome that. Thanks to that help, the Park Bom on stage is not the same Park Bom off it, but rather shows a more passionate look there.

*Since you were young, you’ve already set your minds on practicing, now that you are swamped with work because of 2NE1 activties, you are afraid.* (A/N: Huh?!)

Minji: My other friends have done it though, and they didn’t suffer, though they have not learned through books, so I think I can learn well too. Though it’s rare, I like going through books too.

*So what kind of books are you reading?*

Minji: These days, I read any kind of books I can find. After buying a book, and it takes long to read but I like it, I record it, then I finish the book later on.

*What do you do for fun these days?*

Minji: I read novels. I like mystery novels, nowadays by Murakami. I like them. Ah. Not long ago, I really enjoyed reading this book, “Today Is Service Day” I felt like I’ve been reading a lot, and it’s a gift.

*What about the other members?*

Bom: For a brief moment, I went to canvass for universities. Well, I am not sure if I really want it or just miss it. (laughs)

*Have you already undergone anything like that?*

Bom: Oh~, I don’t want to say anything just yet! In fact, yes, but now, because of 2NE1′s activities, and before that I was confined to being a trainee for a few years, though I really wanted it before.


*How about CL?

CL: To be honest, I’ve thought about our Japan promotions a lot these past days. It is rare to find a good opportunity, so it’s nice that the right market was found here, so I think that I’d love to be more successful in Korea. Safety should also be first.

*It’s floating around in Korea that you will go to the United States, are you confident about their reaction?*

CL: I am now at the place where I can do my best, and I feel at best, so I think it’s important. I’d like to see Will.I.Am in Korea, and show him our love. We don’t have borders now because of the Internet. Music is a language that anyone can relate to, so it doesn’t matter if I make music here, because if one is a fan of music, then even if you are from India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, or Russia, you will still be able to appreciate it.

*The burdens that you were burdened with as a leader.*

CL: Although I am called the leader, that is not much even. My role is just to gather all the 2NE1 members into one place.

*Because of your ages, do your unnies (older sisters) follow you?*
Park Bom, Dara, uh-oh! Who are the older sisters!

CL: The unnies (older sisters) are all playful by nature. They are even more charming than dongsaeng (someone younger), besides, everyone has different personalities, that are distinct. So it’s tough not to.

*Sandara Park was a popular entertainer in the Philippines before you joined as a trainee in YG, that could not have been an easy decision.*

Dara: It was not really that difficult. Just at first, because I didn’t have friends, so I was along all the time. It takes time for me to make friends, because I don’t know what to say. Then the dongsaengs walked up to me first, and approached me, so I am very grateful.

*You also had lots of activities as an actress, but in Korea, you have been silent about it.*

Dara: My greed for acting has been delayed. I wanted fun roles or a character in horror movies. But we must move away from “serious acting” first. Hahaha! 2NE1 is very important to me. If there’s time in the future, for sure I’d want to.

*In addition to 2NE1, the other activities that the members would want to do.*

CL: There are many things that we still lack. So I want to have more experiences while in 2NE1. Maybe later when our ability to prepare does not take a majority of our time. Now, I think that greed for solo activities is at hand.
Bom: I like what I have now. But hip-hop looks interesting, though it’s not today’s fashion, I want to wear full, flaring pants, hahaha!
Minji: Since I’m the youngest, the sort of thing I would like to do would be to appear fresh, bright, and cute, and be a hit on a show.

*And now we finally talk about fashion. Everyone is interested in your fashion. You can do better than designers.*

CL: I actually wanted less…We still lack on many things, but fashion and clothes are my favorite. But if given a chance, I’d like to make something. I prefer styles that are comfortable to wear, still stylish, but I’d like clothes that everyone is able to wear, and accessories too, and I’d also like to design sneakers.
Minji: Not long ago, CL-unnie along with Jeremy Scott went to “Project Runway Korea” where they got to be judges. I’d have liked to participate as a designer rather than a judge though. In fact, in 2NE1, I’m the most neutral, but I have my own tastes, because women are like that (laughs). But I like Jean-Paul Gaultier’s clothes, because of its dramatic designs, in addition that, I’d like to have a more feminine 2NE1 style.
CL: But it’s possible to be with Jeremy Scott now. So I keep on examining our position (laughs). Jeremy, gave us all a new experience that I would not have had in this lifetime.
Dara: I am really not very creative. So I’ll just go and buy (laughs).
Bom: Isn’t Adidas Originals working on a collaboration with us? // Because of that, I’ll create a sexy, little dress and then put my name on it, hahaha!

*Many people follow 2NE1′s style. You’re a fashion icon.*

CL: I really like clothes, when I saw the Adidas Original Jeremy Scott, I immediately liked them, and it’s now my favorite brand. The two collaborating just made something special.
Dara: I don’t really have anything in particular, just make sure I look nice! In addition to that, I really prefer to be comfortable.
Minji: When we performed in Japan, I saw fans that dressed like our Indian costumes with the tattoo designs for “Clap Your Hands.” I thought it was awesome. So thank you for that.

*So what is originally 2NE1′s?*

Dara: Hull, that’s difficult…My palm tree hair?
CL: Hahaha
Dara: Ah! Tamtam, that CL made for me! Too bad that I cannot really make a patent for the original…Well, hmmm….My “cold, city girl” charm. Hahaha!
Bom: Our voices! And my style, one look, and you know that it’s a Bom original!
Minzy: I’m not yet old enough to be called original…the youngest in YG? I want to have the role of the youngest in the original YG family.
CL: There’s no one in this world that isn’t original. You can not find the same person as another.
Dara: CL is really original! Especially her charm!
CL: Aigoo


*CL, how long have you been friends with Jeremy Scott?*

CL: I was a big fan at first, and now we’re friends. We’re very close friends, although the age difference is really a lot, he’s like my older sister (laughs). We respect each other’s work, so we have a good relationship. We also get in touch almost daily.

*So you’re learning a lot.*

CL: Although music and fashion are different genres, they are both an art, it’s not something you can fence. I’m looking forward to sharing that same feeling. They have a very good effect.

*You’ve shown many different sides in <2NE1 TV>, it showed how you played a lot.*

Bom: I think it showed a different side other than us as singers, that people didn’t know. They see us as cool performers, and think that we always have cool “force.” But we really aren’t. I didn’t think about it then, but I was really a mess when I cried. But it showed the natural appearance of Park Bom, and I think it appealed to a lot of people. I’m very fortunate to have had it.
Dara: It wasn’t a burden to me. Because members took the camera with them, it wasn’t so hard to monitor all of us back home, and I worked really hard. We would not have gotten much attention if not for that show. Hahaha!
Bom: We weren’t very good at acting cool. We didn’t even know how to act like that. I just acted that way without thinking that I was being taken shots of. Now it’s over.

*Your image is quite scary [A/N: Like, intimidating.], but I think you’d want to do a broadcast being all pretty.*

Bom: Sure! I’m saying this because I’m the one in charge of being feminine in 2NE1 (laughs).

*What is the concept that the other members of 2NE1 need to do more?*

Minji: We all have different personalities and distinct taste, so I don’t think there’s a need to change anything.
Dara: I love sneakers, I don’t know why, but they have this charm. And I also prefer pants more than skirts.
Bom: My style now is good, but sometimes, I want to show a boyish appearance. But let’s just look at the concept!

*So what do you want to do in the future?*

CL: That is, if we are already good at what we’re doing now? Hahaha! 2NE1′s fashion and trend changes over time, in fact, every time new music comes out. So I think it’s staying true to who we are and becoming better rather than doing something else quickly that is important. I want to bask in this kind of life because I like it.

*CL is the most greedy [A/N: This isn’t a bad way, you know how they seem to equate “greedy” with wanting to do something so much]. I want to know what kind of role models you have.*

CL: Ah, there are many honorable people that I look up to. In previous years, Queen and Prince.

*Does this mean we can see a rocker appearance for CL?*

CL: Hahaha! It’s not like that! I like rock music because of my father, who has rocker music tendencies. But I like, chic style rock music, of course.

*So I noticed that you are fond of wearing cool rings?*

CL: It’s a drug nowadays. Usually, I put a big ring on the ring finger.

*Is there any item that the other members enjoyed wearing at a time?*

Minji: I like training pants. And several black suits. The fans even drew pictures of me wearing them.
Dara: These days, I’m really fond of wearing the winged shoes by Jeremy Scott. It’s really my favorite, and I like wearing them until they got dirty, when it got too worn out not too long ago, I bought another pair that I’m using now.
Bom: I have my shorts. Hahaha!
Dara: Because of them, everyone recognizes your beautiful legs!

*While I’m doing this interview at home, I look at your appearances and there’s sudden look of wonder. Do you have a unique thought?

Dara: Minji, you have to face and answer this.
Bom: (Suddenly puts her face in front of the editors) Oh the mag came. I’m very surprised. Now fix yourselves, this young person is really serious.
Minji: Oh! I was focusing, except that I had to open my eyes wide when I concentrate and not make them smaller. I want my fans who are watching TV to see me with wide, open, eyes even for just a few seconds, even though really aren’t.
Dara: I’m impressed and want to try writing like this.
CL: I’m not so sure about that.
Minji: CL-unnie’s nostrils are flaring up. Hahaha!
CL: It’s when I feel really good about things. No matter how people try, concentrating is a serious effort. Ah! I act asleep when I’m not even sleeping well. Is that too scary? I can’t sleep because of the schedule, but then there’s only 4-5 hours of sleep, and if I sleep longer, I feel lazy.

*When will we see 2NE1′s new songs?*

CL: Even us, we don’t know it yet…
Dara: In events? Hahaha! If there’s a stage where you can see our enthusiasm, would you not go?
CL: The stage is the result of our passion, I guess. So far, we have recorded a song, and then this interview, so I think 2NE1 is enthusiastic to run around in places.

So we feel a bit of the passion that 2NE1 has in this interview!

Source: 러블리봄@DC2NE1
Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara


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