[TWITTER/110326-28] Minkki feels the Sunset and her Artwork

꼭 불타는것같아~ 와..태양이너무가깝게 느껴지네..


It looks like it’s going to set on fire~ wow.. it feels like the the sun is so close..


another updates



It’s a fact that if you pass by the people in front of you without being noticed in that manner, you gradually will not be able to know yourself whether or not you exist in that place. – From Murakami Haruki TV People –




모든것이 고장나지 않도록 주의하기. 고장날것같으면 AS 맡기기. 고치지못하고 버린물건은 가끔 그리울때가 있다.그리움을 느껴본다.왜 그물건을 고장낸걸까 또는 나버린걸까 알 수 있다. 사람 마음이 딱 그렇다.




Source: Minzy’s Twitter

Translation: Gee@YGLadies


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