[SCANS] 2NE1 for April Issue of BLING


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[CAPS] Dara the Snowman Appears in 1 Night and 2 Days

As 1 night and 2 days casts were given a mission to make a 3M snowman which has to be Sandara Park. They failed to make it but the cast had so much fun doing it.

Credits: Nate

[TWITTER/110328] YG Dancer Updates with Maknae Minzy

휴식은좋아♥ 밍끼랑 밀린 보따리풀기>< 신나 우리~~~!!


rest is good♥ w/ mingkki catching up, we’re excitteeeeedd~~~


Source: Kim heeyun’s Twitter

Translation: HuisuYoon@Twitter

[NEWS] Adidas & 2NE1 release collaborative photoshoot for “We Are Originals”

Earlier, we reported that 2NE1 had finally signed an official contract with “adidas Originals” for their own collaboration project, “We Are Originals.

As self-proclaimed fans of each other’s works, the two decided on creating an official partnership for a variety of fun upcoming summer programs and events for their fans.  Continue reading

[GOODIE #25] Buy Your ‘Forever’ Ring Like 2NE1!

The ‘Forever’ Rings that leader CL gave the girls for Bom’s 28th Birthday is from Chrome Hearts, a brand frequently seen worn not only by 2NE1 but als their labelmates Big Bang as well.

Buy your own Chrome Hearts 6mm Spacer Forever Ring HERE!

(or click on the picture!)

CREDIT: Rakuten via ㅂㅂㅉ @ NE-PEOPLE


[NEWS] YG-LIFE “I Hate This Love Song”- what does this mean?

YG Entertainment has just unveiled a mysterious image on their official ‘YG-Life‘ blog.

Speculations are running rampant over the context of the message which was unveiled on the night of March 26th, which reads “I Hate This Love Song !“.

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