[TWITTER/110325] Hwang Ssa Bu Tweets a Smiling Dara while Exercising

Hello~~ soooooo chilly day^^; The temperature is fluctuating a lot recently, so be careful not ot catch a cold!!!


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[CAPS] 2NE1 TV Season 2 will be aired in Singapore

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[NEWS] 2NE1 has signed a contract to collaborate with Adidas Originals

2NE1 has entered into a contract with international sportswear brand, Adidas Originals for a collaborative project.

On the 25th, 2NE1′s company, YG Entertainment stated, “2NE1 has joined hands with Adidas Originals, a brand responsible for exciting youth around the world.”, “Both sides have agreed on the name, ‘we are originals’, and we are planning on launching several different collaborative programs in the first half of the year.

According to YG, after 2NE1 had debuted, 2NE1 and Adidas had mutually been fans of each other. 2NE1 wore several of the Adidas Original clothing during their music videos and broadcasts, while Adidas Original had gotten to know 2NE1 through photoshoots and media events. As a result, the two teams have maintained a fan-fan relationship.

YG revealed, “Jeremy Scott, who currently launching his ‘Originals by Original’ collection, an Adidas Original’s designer collaboration line, has up to this point, been endorsing 2NE1 through his personal blog.”

In addition, they added “With this contract for the collaboration project, they will become more than fans of each other, and the two teams will become partners. Not only for the Adidas Original’s Summer Project, we are currently in preparations for events that comprise of both online and offline elements.”, “Soon, we will be revealing a variety of artwork first, such as interactive films in which we have saved 2NE1′s dynamic force for. In addition we plan on presenting several programs with both 2NE1 and Adidas Original.


Source: Nate

Translation: GEE @ YGladies


[NEWS] 2NE1 tells us more about their Ideal Types

As soon as the four 2NE1 members hear the word, ‘boyfriend’, they started squealing like female highschool students. There’s not a sign of the overflowing charisma and rebellion that they show on stage, and the room is filled with fluttery feelings and slightly red faces. As they looked between each other nervously, the younger ones pushed the unni, Sandara to speak. Sandara Park started off with a long heavy “si~gh” before she began speaking.
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[NEWS] 2NE1’s concert in the Philippines “The Party” is postponed

As we all know, 2NE1’s Concert “The Party” in the Philippines will be on May15, but sadly it’ll be postponed.
Through Happee Sy, she informed us today, March 25, 2011 that “The Party” had to postpone to sometime in June.

Here’s a cap of her post from her official facebook:

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[ME2DAY/110324-25] Bom three updates on her birthday (UPDATED!)

우리 넷~~ 똑같은 커플링 했어요~~ ^^ 지금 생일파티 중인데요~~ 리다가 우리 영원하자며~~*^^* 부끄부끄~~ Forever 가 새겨진 반지를 선물했어요~~o(^▽^)o 너무갖고싶었눈데..ㅎㅎㅎ 맨위에있는손 푸둥푸둥하죠 ㅋㅋㅋ


The four of us~~ We have the same couple rings~~^^right now we’re at my birthday party~~ Our leader wants us to be together forever~~*^^*blushes~~Forver is engraved in the rings she gave us~~o(^▽^)o I really wanted to have it.. ㅎㅎㅎThe hand on the topmost is a little chubby, right? ㅋㅋㅋ


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