[ME2DAY/110324] Dara Greet Bommie, A Happy Birthday!



글쎄 엉뚱한봄이가 답답하다며 냉장고에…..어…얼굴을….ㅠㅜㅋㅋㅋ넣고 식히는중이라고하네요ㅋㅋ오마이갓!!! 배미언니는 역쉬 못말려어~! 어린이 여러분! 절대로! 따라하면 안됩니다!!!ㅋㅋㅋ앞으로도 항상 우리에게 웃음을주는 봄이가되길!^^ 생일축하해!!!ㅋ


Well, the correct answer is that it’s wacky Bommie in the refrigerator…er…her face…ㅠㅜke ke ke She wanted to be cool, so she put it there ke ke oh my ghad! Baemi-unnie what are you trying to say~! Everyone! Never! This should not be followed!!! Ke ke ke We can always count on Bommie to give us a laugh!^^ Happy birthday! ke


-More updates under the cut-



Wow! Michin (A/N: she means her me2day friends) people are very smart ke The answer is pretty much obvious! I was supposed to show more photos to have more interest…I had to…ke but there’s nothing ke During one, cold winter day…I was up all night at the recording studio, and I felt a bit uneasy with the heater on, because it had a feeling of being swollen, but if the heater is turned off, it got too cold ㅠThat was such a hard situation….!




와쌉?!?오늘은 우리의 메인보컬 박봄양의 생일이에요!생일축하해용~!^.^무대에선 감동적인 목소리로 우리를 울리고ㅠ평소엔 귀여운 엉뚱함으로 우리를 웃게하는ㅋㅋ 배미양의 엉뚱한일화를 하나 공개할까합니다ㅋ생일기념퀴즈!! 이사진은 봄이의 어떤부위일까요??어떤상황일까요?ㅋ두둥!


Wassup?!? Today is the birthday of our main vocal, park Bom-yang! Happy birthday~! ^.^ Her voice that sounds impressive on stage ㅠ Usually, her cuteness and randomness makes us laugh ke ke Baemi always makes mad, irrelevant comments in public ke Birthday memorial quiz! In this photo, what part of Bom is showing? What is the situation here? Dudung!


Source: Dara’s Me2day
Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara


3 thoughts on “[ME2DAY/110324] Dara Greet Bommie, A Happy Birthday!


    in the situation,Bom is going to get some food in the refrigirator
    (I think it’s a CORN!)

    happy happy bithday!!!
    wish you the best…


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