[ARTICLE] Jonny Makeup’s YG Experience with Jeremy Scott!

2ne1 CL

The other day, as I was clicking through some news website to get to the fashion section, I kinda noticed that there was this war thing going on in Korea or something. It dawned on me: I was just there with my famous designer friend and we could have gotten really hurt by their hateful bombs! Then this dawned on me: There is something totally more important than a war going on in Korea.

The Koreans are building soldiers of more cultural relevance. They are creating the music that I’m gonna be dry humping to on the dance floor at an arena-sized gay club. They are manufacturing the next generation of Pop Stars.

More pictures and the rest of his adventure after the jump!

I was in the heart of Seoul’s “What Downtown LA’s Warehouse District Used to Look Like” area. There was a building that sticks our like a curved penis, but I think it’s actually in the shape of some Asian letters. To my left was a gaggle of Korean tweens, parked outside with the latest cellphone trinkets and cameras. At the entrance, the call box was a digital interface that my BFF Jeremy Scott placed his thumb on, making the two-way mirrored doors open. We were greeted by a 20-foot plasma screen projecting videos of my soon-to-be-favorite Korean pop sensations, 2NE1, and we were on our way to meet them!!!

The YG Entertainment building is no recording studio/office. It is a vertically-integrated pop star factory/boot camp! There is a floor with a dance studio, a floor with a workout room and tanning station (complete with before and after pics of the pop stars in training), a floor with a cafeteria and a waterfall, a recreational floor with pool tables and Segways. The basement is full-on merch studio, where workers print and design band tour tees and bobble heads and stuff. American record labels should take notes from Mr. YG, aka Yang Hyun-Seok.

2ne1 CL

On my way out, I got in the elevator with CL, 2NE1’s version of Beyonce, and I asked, “Are you living your dream?” She just smiled the cutest, biggest smile. Later that night I got down on my knees and prayed that, when I grow up, I would be a Korean pop star too!

CREDIT: Jonny Makeup @ Street Carnage via 내민지 @ DC2NE1

A/N: Some words were censored due to their graphic nature


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