[ARTICLE] 100 Things You Need To Know About 2NE1


One of the hottest K-Pop idol girl groups is coming to town! They’re not just anyone, but 2NE1! This group has been close to the hearts of the Filipinos since one of their members, Sandara Park, had her acting career in the Philippines and was known to be the “Pambansang Krung-Krung”. Other than that, we know you’d want to know more about each member. So we’re giving you this “100 Things U Need To Know About 2NE1”. Continue reading


[TWITTER] Minzy and other celebrities congratulates SE7EN as he celebrates his 8th anniversay


Singer SE7EN tweeted his feelings about his 8th anniversary since his debut.

On March 22nd, SE7EN tweeted, “Today is SE7EN’s 8th anniversary! Even though I’ve been a singer for 9 years, my heart still feels pure like that of a rookie. To all the people who care for me and love me, thank you.”

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[NEWS] 2NE1’s Big Dome concert confirmed!

2NE1 (Sports Korea)

It is confirmed! K-pop girl group 2NE1 is scheduled to hold a full-length concert in the Philippines on May 15. Their show entitled “THE PARTY” will be held at the Araneta Coliseum, the same venue of the recently concluded Super Show 3 (SS3) featuring Super Junior. Pulp Live Productions, the same company who brought in SS3 is bringing in 2NE1.

The concert marks the return of 2NE1 memberSandara Park or Dara to the Philippines. Born in Busan, South Korea, Sandara was a longtime Philippines resident who became an exclusive ABS-CBN talent after her stint in the talent show “Star Circle Quest” in 2004 where she placed second. After three years working as an actress and recording artist in the Philippines, Sandara decided to return to her homeland in 2007. YG Entertainment immediately signed her to a talent contract and tapped her to become part of 2NE1, which debuted in Korea in 2009. Continue reading

[ARTICLE] Jonny Makeup’s YG Experience with Jeremy Scott!

2ne1 CL

The other day, as I was clicking through some news website to get to the fashion section, I kinda noticed that there was this war thing going on in Korea or something. It dawned on me: I was just there with my famous designer friend and we could have gotten really hurt by their hateful bombs! Then this dawned on me: There is something totally more important than a war going on in Korea.

The Koreans are building soldiers of more cultural relevance. They are creating the music that I’m gonna be dry humping to on the dance floor at an arena-sized gay club. They are manufacturing the next generation of Pop Stars.

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[NEWS] More of 2NE1’s Exclusive Interview in YG Building

2NE1 gives off a good sense of play when on stage. Is this the result of practice?

Our appearance is not usually like that. Normally, we are very quiet in nature, but when we go on stage, our playing comes out. It’s just natural that our repressed emotions come out when a potential chance comes.

What do you think about the fact that you are enjoying great popularity because of your skills and style?

It’s natural. But with only the four of us, we can’t achieve it. We got more popular because of our good music and refined styling. We get to be around and meet lots of people, including producers and stylists. They give us a good wrap.

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[PHOTO] 2NE1 as cover of “Bling Magazine” Vol.2

<바이블링> Vol.2의 커버! 네! ‘2ne1’ 입니다!!!

<By Bling> Vol.2’s Cover! Yes! It’s ‘2NE1’!!!

Source & Credit: thebling_twit@twitter
Translation by Yue of LetsPlay2NE1

[VIDEOS] 2NE1’s Can’t Nobody English Version MV plus SUBBED

Uploaded by: ElfinaVIP@YT

**It’s not officially released by YG yet, but it’s already available in Itunes Japan Store.

[NEWS] APRIL is the month of 2NE1’s comeback with a New Album

2NE1’s Will Come Back with a New Album in April

YG Entertainment has finally confirmed that 2NE1’s new Korean album will be released soon.

The band was supposed to make their Japanese debut this month and make a comeback in Korea after finishing their activities there, now the girls are getting ready for the release of their new album in April.

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