[VIDEO] 2NE1’s Can’t Nobody MV English Version PREVIEW

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[PHOTO] 2NE1 as cover for “Nylon Japan” Magazine: May Edition

NYLON JAPAN5月号は3月28日発売!表紙は日本デビュー間近の2NE1。限定ポスター付き!1部につき20円を義援金として被災地に寄付します。また下記でも義援金のご協力をお願いしてます

“NYLON Japan may ” 3/28 on sale.
Cover is 2NE1 who will debut soon in Japan.

+ 2NE1 original poster!

Source & Credit: togawatakashi@twitter
Translation by Asami of LetsPlay2NE1

NOTE: This issue must have been made before the earthquake in 2NE1’s preparation to enter the Japanese Market. Hopefully, Japan will soon get back up on it’s feet soon. Please give your support to RED CROSS and other worth organizations. You may also click the Social Vibe widget place at the sidebar to help for free.

[ME2DAY/110321] Who’s on the treadmill in Hwang Ssabu’s YG-GYM?

minzy_hwangssabu_me2day_update_110321자~ 월요일 “황싸부 룰”로 이겨냅시다!^^ 퐈이팅~
Hello~ Happy Monday!^^ Don’t forget “Hwangssabu Rules”~

Source & Credit: Hwang Ssabu’s me2day/twitter

[NEWS] Happee Sy reveals ticket prices for THE PARTY

Miss Happee Sy of Pulp gives us a heads up! Though tickets for THE PARTY is NOT YET available for sale as of the moment, she shares with us the ticket prices to help fans jump start their saving.

THE PARTY has gained a lot of interest from Kpop fans because of the news popular girl group, 2NE1, might be coming to participate in the event. Though besides the article in Manila Bulletin, there has been no further details on 2NE1’s participation in the event. But excited fans are already filled with happiness with just the possibility of their idols, 2NE1, coming to the Philippines.

More information will hopefully be given within the week. Please keep watch on LP2NE1 for more updates on THE PARTY.


Source: Happee Sy’s FB page
capped and written by renka002 of LetsPlay2NE1