[NEWS] Sneak Peak of 2NE1 preparing for their COMEBACK next month!

Sport Chosun was recently granted exclusive access into the YG Entertainment building in order get a sneak peek at 2NE1’s preparations for their comeback next month!

Their interview kicked off in the basement, where the girls stretched and synced their choreography in a rehearsal room surrounded by mirrors.  Shortly afterwards, the members laughed as they exclaimed, “Our dancing isn’t in sync, right?  It’s so different!”

CL explained, “We want to be like the other groups and sync our fingers and toes, but it doesn’t work like that on stage for us.  We just let everything go when we get up there and lend our bodies to the music.  It’s not that we do it on purpose.”

Bom added, “Even our choreographer doesn’t come up with anything until he listens to our music with us.  He comes up with ideas naturally, so our individuality fits right in.”

Later, the girls moved to their recording room, and they reminisced back to the time when they first entered the room. Bom revealed, “I remember that all four of us sat like this on the sofa.  We were rookies, so we didn’t dare lean back either; at the time, recording was a very tiring process.”

Regarding their album preparations, which is scheduled for release next month, the girls revealed, “We currently have one track finished.  We’ll probably have to live in the recording room for now.”

Finally, the interview led to their training area, where their personal trainer revealed that the members receive training specific to their needs. At the mention of how Bom usually headlines for her weight, she explained, “When I first saw the reports, I wondered to myself why such reports were being made since I didn’t think I was that fat.  I was a bit surprised at first, but I became more determined to overcome it with my own skills (laughter).


Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Naver via AllKpop


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