[NEWS] YG Entertainment to postpone 2NE1’s Japanese Debut indefinitely

Girl group 2NE1‘s Japanese debut has been postponed indefinitely.

2NE1 was originally set to debut with their single “Go Away” on March 11th, 8PM on the Japanese program, Asahi TV’s “Music Station.” But on that afternoon, an 8.8 magnitude earthquake hit the country, resulting to station broadcasts being canceled.

Because of this natural disaster, 2NE1 wasn’t able to make their Japan debut, as they returned to Korea the next day, on the 12th.

But it has been finally decided that 2NE1 would indefinitely postpone their plans for a Japan debut. A YG Entertainment agency official said, 2NE1′s Japanese debut will be delayed for an indefinite period. Because of the situation over at Japan, certain issues were raised about the situation regarding their debut and future activities, and so we came to a decision. Moreover, we feel that helping to support Japan was far more important. So first, let me say that their Japan debut has been postponed indefinitely,” he said.

In addition,Because of 2NE1′s schedule that has been reserved for Japan activities have been canceled, we thought about devoting more of their time to domestic activities instead,” he finished, hinting on focusing their efforts on domestic activities within the country.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment provided 500 million won as emergency relief funds for Japan.



Source: http://osen.mt.co.kr/news/view.html?gid=G1103160244
Translated by: knucklepink@WeLoveDara.com/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara.com/ knucklepink@YGLadies.com

Taken from ygfambam


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