A successful K-Pop group is made up of many elements but two are absolutely essential — a leader and a maknae. We already covered the top 10 K-Pop leaders so it’s the maknae’s turn this time!

MTV K’s dictionary definition of a maknae is “the youngest member in a group.” They’re expected to have perfect skin (being the youngest and all), lots of aegyo and a lovable personality. There are those who fit that mold and then there are the rebels. You know who I’m talking about.

Vote for your favorite maknae in the poll at MTVK!

Photos from Freestyle Kara Cat, YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and NH Media.

-omitted parts unrelated to 2NE1-

2NE1‘s dance machine Minzy could not be cuter if she tried. Sexy when she needs to be and adorable the rest of the time, she’s beloved by her unnies. Bom is actually 10 years older than her! Talk about being the youngest member.

Source: MTVK


3 thoughts on “[ARTICLE] Minzy on MTV K’s TOP 10 KPOP MAKNAES

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  2. omo!!!my top 3 are:
    ………………………my first love handsome funniest evilmaknae Kyuhyun
    ……………………..da sexiest.. da best & prettiest MINZY =)
    ……………………..da cutest innocent cutest taemin

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