[ARTICLE] 2NE1′s manager recalls their unfortunate event in Japan

2NE1′s manager recalls their unfortunate event in Japan

On March 12th, 2NE1 came back to Korea. The manager who was with 2NE1 that day described the catastrophic event that occurred in Japan.

The members were getting their makeup done at the Tokyo Sibuya Hotel for a live broadcast that evening. After getting her makeup done, Dara went to another room while Minzy, Bom, and CL were still finishing their makeup. All of a sudden, the earthquake occurred. Loud alarm went off, and the building shook and the room turned to complete chaos. We stumbled and our body swayed and we could see from the outside the other buildings were shaking as well from the 31st floor window. The girls and crews were so surprised that they didn’t know what to do. Their manager recalled.

While everyone was in a panic , CL, who was startled herself,  reacted quickly, grabbed her cell phone and called Dara and calmed her down. Broadcasters announced on tv that “The tsunami is coming, please prepare for the tsunami!” and they kept repeating it. Fire trucks and alarms were ringing everywhere.  After that, by the local staff’s guidance they exited down the stairs.

In the evening of March 11th 2NE1 members gathered together in the same room and they couldn’t sleep because of the earthquake. They stayed up all night and their appearance on Music station which was going to be 2NE1′s first stage in Japan was cancelled.

On the 12th in the afternoon, Haneda airport was like a battlefield. People came from various places clamored in order to get tickets. There were people sitting on the floor in the waiting rooms.

CL was originally scheduled to go back to Korea first because of a recording schedule, but cancelled it so she was able to come back on the same day as the rest of the girls.  Up until when their flight took off everyone including the members were still feeling anxious and scared.

T/N: I hope people still continue to help with the relief funds and help those who lost their homes get back on their feet. We should be thankful the girls and everyone who was with them made it back safe and out of harm’s ways. Please continue to pray for Japan.

Sources: DC2NE1/ http://sports.khan.co.kr//various sites
Translated by: Sieljjang@clthebaddestfemale


3 thoughts on “[ARTICLE] 2NE1′s manager recalls their unfortunate event in Japan

  1. OMG!….Dara was alone that time..i imagined how scared she was….yet i was touched coz CL tried to calm her…but i want know…Did they went Dara’s room to take her or did Dara went byherself to her sisters room…anyway, it doenst matter coz they were fine..im happy for them….but still hoping JApanese will be ok again..be strong….
    ….looking forward 2ne1 & Japanese blackjack will get together again…..& be happy…. hoping for them…

  2. omg… this detailed version of what happened to the girls, i felt like crying… CL truly a leader, Dara alone in another room and ChaeRa love is there…and with the girls feeling this scared… i don’t want to know what will the people who directly experienced the tsunami hit their houses feel… still praying for japan.

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