[NEWS] Could 2NE1 be leading the next Hallyu Wave?

Over the next few months, a representative contingent of Korea’s top idol singers and stars will be crossing the East Sea towards the land of the rising sun in order to try their hand in the increasingly-competitive Japanese music market.

With all these stars heading over to Japan around the same time, one might begin to wonder, who’s really going to be successful?


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Lee Seung Gi on the no.1 spot

Coming at second place is 2NE1, who recently released a Japanese version of their single, “Go Away“. They garnered 22% of the votes (115 votes), and  B2ST came in 3rd with 18% of the vote (92 votes). Meanwhile, 2PM came in 4th place with 6% (32 votes), and SECRET and After School came in 5th and 6th places, with 6% (29 votes) 4% (20 votes), respectively.

Do you agree with their ranking?Comment below.


Source: Review Star

Credits: sarahsusiepak@ALLKPOP


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