[NEWS] Fans of 2NE1 Rush to the Airport During Their Arrival in Japan!

Korean Girl Group  2NE1 (トゥエニィワン) who will be having a Japanese debut on March 9 will perform on  TV Asahi’s, “MUSIC STATION”. 800 fans rushed in Tokyo / Haneda Airport to have a look at them.

They will make their debut  in ” Music Station”  to be broadcasted on  the 11th, but it is an exceptional case that an artist has become visible before their debut.

Their debut Japanese album TO ANYONE (released in Korea in September 2010), with the lead track “GO AWAY” (Japanese version) will be released in Japan after a long wait.

“LOLLIPOP” which they did with Korean idol group BIGBANG in March, 2009 became a hot topic, and 2NE1 released their debut single “FIRE” formally in May of the same year. They won many music awards and earned the title of “next generation girl group.” They consist of MINZY (ミンジ、18)DARA (ダラ、26) , Bom(ボム、26), and CL (シーエル、20). Their debut album topped all the charts and propelled them to become a top artist in Korea within a year of their debut.

As for the long-awaited Japanese debut, a Japanese version of the lead track “GO AWAY” of the latest album “TO ANYONE” (it was released in Korea in September, 2010) is planned to be promoted.

韓国の女性4人組ユニット・2NE1(トゥエニワン)が日本デビューシングル「GO AWAY」(CD発売は今春)の着うた配信がスタートした9日、東京・羽田空港に来日した。日本デビュー決定後初の来日とあって、ファン800人がプラカードなどを手に殺到。到着ロビーに4人が姿を見せると「キャ~!!」と悲鳴に近い歓声が上がり、号泣する女性ファンも。リーダーのCLは「日本のファンがこんなに待っててくれるなんてビックリ」と熱烈歓迎に大感激していた。



Korean 4-member girl group 2NE1 (トゥエニワン) arrived  Tokyo, Japan / Haneda Airport for March 9, for the release of their Japanese debut single, “GO AWAY” . To anticipate  their Japanese debut and first visit to Japan, 800 fans rushed to the airport with signs and placards in their hands. When the four members arrived, cheers rose close to  screaming and cries from female fans. CL, the leader, said that she was “surprised that so I will wait for the Japanese fans,” was impressed with the enthusiastic welcome.

CREDIT: http://daily.co.jp via rie-the-skywalker @ ameblo.jp

Edited by: MeeyaMia @ LetsPlay2NE1.wordpress.com


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