[CAPS] 2NE1’s Japanese Site’s Official Header


One more screen cap without text underneath!
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[ARTICLE] Who has the biggest Fan Cafe Membership in March 2011?

Daum recently released a ranking of which idol internet fan cafes have the greatest membership for this month. Where does your favorite artist rank?

Daum recently tallied the membership rankings of various idol fan cafes for this month.

Check out what internet fan cafe has the most supporters as of March 2011 below:

1. TVXQ – 751227
2. Big Bang – 346970
3. SNSD – 301253
4. SS501 – 240126
5. Super Junior – 225230
6. 2PM – 195874
7. BEAST – 179534
8. BUZZ – 136262
9. Shinhwa – 130090
10. SHINee – 125975
11. Wonder Girls – 100807
12. FT Island – 99826
13. 2NE1 – 97419
14. MBLAQ – 82336
15. H.O.T. – 72673
16. GOD – 69578
17. f(x) – 63649
18. SES – 59266
19. 2AM – 59108
20. KARA – 56097

Source: Daum
Credit: Baidu
Taken from gokpop.com

[FANCAMS/PHOTOS] 2NE1 at G20 Unison Event


2NE1 perform at G20 Unison Festival last March 8, 2011 same day of their Nikon press launch. It’s nice to hear that Seoul policemen sings with 2NE1 as the girls perform their hit songs. Check the other fancams and photos under the cut~ Continue reading

[ME2DAY/110309] Dara: Wazzup Japan!!!

ORIGINAL:와쌉?!? ^.^ 일본도착! 다롱 오늘의 공항패션은 “시큼녀” 컨셉이에요!ㅋ 시크하고 상큼한 여자=시큼녀ㅋ 심플하고 시크한 의상에 약간의 블링블링함을 슉슉넣고 삼단 사과머리로 상큼함과 귀여움을 더했어요! 투애니원의 첫인상을 상큼하게 심어주기위하여! 홧팅!^_^



Wassup?!? ^.^ We’ve arrived in Japan! Darong’s airport fashion concept for today is “big city woman”! Ke Chic and fresh woman = big city woman ke! Simple and chic outfits, with some bling-bling, put on some syuk-syuk (I think she’s referring to make-up, or mascara), and phase three is the apple head, that completes the cute transformation! We hope to plant sweet first impressions for 2NE1! Fighting! ^_^

Credits: knucklepink@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara

[VIDEO/CAPS] YG Family and Nikon, A Shot A Day Preview

credits: Acrofan@Youtube + DC2NE1

[AUDIO] Preview of 2NE1’s GO AWAY (Japanese Ver.)

Look out Japan! 2NE1’s here!

The fierce ladies from YG Entertainment is ready to set fire to the hearts of all their Japanese fans! Here’s a video of what seems to be the ringtone that was released today, March 9, in preparation for their Japanese debut on Music Station‘s stage later in the week.

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