[VIDEOS] CL & Jeremy Scott on Project Runway (Preview)

As you may all know, our very own CL will be one of the guest judge of PROJECT RUNWAY KOREA Season 3, alongside with her closest designer friend, Jeremy Scott. This is the teaser for Episode 7.

2NE1’s CL has been praised by her interesting and unique sense of style. Jeremy Scott on the other hand, well, on my opinion, has in a way influenced CL (and also their stylist). You know how CL is so into Jeremy’s stuff. This duo as guest judge will make this episode of Project Runway Korea a must watch.



0:13 – This is the best. It doesn’t make sense.
0:16 – I was so surprised.
0:18 – And today, we have a one-time special guest.
0:24 (CL): Hello :) I’m CL.
0:28 – She was shining!
0:30 – There was a *Ding*… *Ding*


(T/N: Rough translations only ^^)

Source: DC2NE1
Credit: YGLzeelisious@Youtube
Translations by: MeeyaMia @ LetsPlay2NE1.wordpress.com
Written by: DdochiRoo @ LetsPlay2NE1


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