[ARTICLE] Sandara Park, “I can’t still imagine myself as a big star”

A local newspaper in the Philippines, “Philippine Daily Inquirer” visited the set of Etude where Dara is filming a CF.

Philippine Daily Inquirer got the chance to interview Dara. Dara welcomed them warmly and said, “Mag Tagalog na lang tayo” (Let’s just speak in Tagalog).

Dara reflected, “So many things have changed.” I remembered the time when I was a ‘krung-krung’, I don’t know much, just acting “cute”, now its different. I’m with 2NE1 and I should not act like that. I am still the same Sandara that you have known. But I am more matured now.

She continued, “I have not realized that I am a big star now“, she humbly said.

And to this day, she still can’t believe she’s the face of Etude House. “Of course as a girl, it’s my dream to be an endorser of a makeup brand, at first, I can not believe it. I said, “Oh, really?!”. I am so proud to myself.”

As for her fashion sense, “It’s still the same, ‘krung-krung’ and colorful. We have a stylist on 2NE1. Now, it is kinda tomboyish. Then my hair that looks like a coconut tree, that’s my favorite!”

Dara sees she can represent the Etude House well. Her character is not required to be so girly, but more playful and naughty. “I fit here,” she said.

Seeing herself on the screen and the commercial, like a little girl she can’t help but gush and feel a deep sense of pride. “I have a different feeling here. When I am watching it, I feel like I am really beautiful here!”

During her spare time, she still keeps track of fan websites. “Pumupunta pa rin ako sa PEX,” she said of the online Pinoy forum she frequents, Pinoy Exchange.

Aside from having massages, she loves to shop and eat (although it doesn’t show on her small frame). “It’s my hobby, to eat!” she said. Among the food she misses in Manila are sinigang and Jollibee Spaghetti.

But what she misses most are her fans. “I really missed them! Hope they will wait for me,” she said, with a hint of sadness. “Do they miss me too?” she asks.

Dara still dreams of coming back to Manila, with her ultimate dream of staging a concert at the Araneta Coliseum. When you see her transformation, how she has evolved into a huge pop star, your sense of pride increases, as well, in the knowledge that somehow, she is Filipino— even more Filipino than some of our local stars.

PDI asked her a few questions where she gladly answered.

1. Favorite products from Etude: Miss Tangerine line’s orange lipstick and blush-on, BB Cream, and pink blush-on.

2. Hair and makeup routine: “I want a light make-up, I want my hair to be tied up. And it takes 30mins for me to prepare.”

3. What’s inside your beauty bag? “BB Cream, powder, blush-on, lip gloss.”

4. What makes you happy? “Its hard! I text my friends and e-mail my SCQ friends and my ABS-CBN friends.”

5. Who among your friends encourages you? “Boom! (Park Bom) We are of the same age, yes, she’s my best friend.”


Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer
Taken from Gokpop.com
Translated by: hikkiFM@gokpop.com
Take with full credits


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