[TWITTER] Minzy takes a video of Park Sisters


TWEET: ㅋㅋ여긴어디??ㅋㅋ
TRANSLATION: kk Where is this place?? kk


TWEET: 어느책에서 읽었던 한 부분이다.-아기가 자고있는 침낭에 뱀이 기어들어왔다. 아기는 뱀을 두려워하지않고 함께 놀았다.왜 두려워하지않았을까?뱀이란 존재자체가 무섭다는사실을모르기 때문이다- 우리에겐 가끔그런정신이 필요하다.무작정뛰어들수있는패기,도전이란것.
TRANSLATION: This is an excerpt from a book that I’ve read. -A snake slid onto the bed where the baby was sleeping. The baby wasn’t afraid of the snake and played with it. Why wasn’t it scared? It’s because it didn’t know the fear of the presence of the snake.- Sometimes, we need to be in this state of mind. The ability to just jump into things, that’s what a challenge is.


source: minzy’s twitter (@mingkki21)

video credit: The21BANGSTV@Youtube

Translation: solshin3@21bangs.com


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