[ME2DAY/110303] Dara and Minzy, Wassup?!

와쌉?! ^.^ 다들 모해요??? 집이에요? 심심하면 티비앞으로 모두 고고고~!!! 인나언니가 sbs 한밤의 티비연예 안방마님이되셨어요! 축하축하~! 멋지게 진행하시라고 우리 모두 응원해요! 홧팅! 그리구 보나스!!! 와이지패밀리 모두 출연! 닥본사!*^^*


Wassup?! ^.^ What’s everyone doing??? At home? If you’re bored, then turn on the TV~!!! In Na unni is on SBS! Congratulations~! We’re all supporting her progress! Hwaiting! And a bonus!!! And an all YG Family performance! Awesome!*^^*


Source: Dara’s Me2day

Translation by: AA-CHAN


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