[GOODIE #17] Fashion Game: The Baddest Female

No one is too old for Dress Up! Especially when you’re playing stylist to the Baddest Female Seoul City ever had! Enjoy picking out stage outfits for 2ne1’s leader CL in Roi World’s Dress Up CL (2ne1). The outfits range from promo pictures to MV costumes and from Fire to Can’t Nobody! Get your creative juices flowing and start channeling your inner VIVA.H!

Click Here to Play!

SOURCE: Roi World via 아가래퍼 @ NEPEOPLE

Written by: MeeyaMia @ LetsPlay2NE1.wordpress.com

A/N: VIVA.H is the brand designed  by 2ne1’s current stylists Seo Han Young and Lee Han Jung


3 thoughts on “[GOODIE #17] Fashion Game: The Baddest Female

      • haha, i was bored and totally love that kind of stuff, pretty awesome that CL made it on there with all the other singers~ and her outfits are way more fun to play around with.

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