[NEWS] Netizens Worried About Bom’s Weight Again?


Pictures of 2NE1’s Bom from the MTV-Daum Music Fest has been flying around the Internet, rousing confusion amongst netizens. In the photos, she is showing off her slender legs with a tight black minidress, but her legs earned only half the attention.

Fans were alarmed to see her upper body contrast completely with her lower body – many commented that she looked extremely skinny at the legs, but that she looked clumsy and dense above the waist. Most fans’ attentions were brought to her jawline. The sharp jawline she had showed off only a short time ago had completely disappeared and her round face had come back.

When fans saw this they said, “How can her legs be so thin and her upper body so large?” and “I guess all her weight goes to her chin first.” Other said, “this isn’t just different, it’s shocking,” “She’s sorta cute even with that weight,” and “Is she already experiencing the yoyo effects of her diet?”

What are your opinions? Comment below!

SOURCE: Newsen via Koreaboo


12 thoughts on “[NEWS] Netizens Worried About Bom’s Weight Again?

  1. urgh….why are netizens so harsh all the time. i bet their body isn’t that nice either and they just celebrities so much it makes me angry. i know as a celebrity you have to look good but BOM ALWAYS LOOKS GOOD…
    overcritical and judgemental jerks -___-

  2. If you guys see Minzy’s tweets regarding CLs birthday, You’ll see that Bom’s face isn’t like that. I personally believe this is one of those days where her face gets swollen. I’m sure every woman knows this. She actually said herself that sometimes she wakes up with a swollen face. Maybe she slept late the night before.

    And one more thing… SHE ISN’T FAT. Any one who would call that body fat has a distorted view on body image. I guess that’s what media is instilling on the youth to day: If you’re not a size 0 or 2, you’re automatically fat. *sigh*

  3. y r the netizens always so overreacting?? In my opinion Bommie has this American standard body~she is not fat, but she is just not too thin like most other girl groups~As Long as Bommie is happy, m happy too! I hope she won’t see this kind of irritating comments! Totally RIDICULOUS~and for her face, she had said it in 2ne1 TV that there is sth wrong with her face~it will make her face swollen sometimes~i guess the netizens have never watched 2ne1 TV before~BOMMIE FIGHTING! U R PRETTY!

  4. ı heard she has some kind of illness that effects her sometimes( shown 2ne1 tv season 2) but people overracting ı agree bomie has international standarts not skinny like most of asian girls…

    • yeah. I agree with you. its perhaps also because lymph nodes under her chin near her throat as i heard from her in one of 2ne1 tv s2 vids.

      I too have a body irregularity in size my legs looks okay but my upper body is really thin.
      all i can say to those meanies is SO WHAT IF SOMEONE HAS SWELLY FACE UNProPORTIONAL BODY. PERFECTION IS MAN MADE AND IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. GIVE ME A PERSON WHO LOOKS and REALLY IS “PERFECT”. Everyone should not think of fitting towards a certain standard of beauty for every body is beautiful in our own way.

      I actually think Bom is fabulous. 2ne1 is. and everyone is.

  5. omg, she looks perfectly fine! people who judge her are friggin crazy once again, they need to make up their mind to support her or not when she’s thin, or gain a few pounds. dang folks, i’m sure if she ever read your comments she’ll be even more devasted! Pshhhh

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