[GOODIE #16] Who is 2NE1 Wearing for their Japanese Debut?

It’s not a secret in the Kpop world that 2NE1 is indeed one the most fashion forward groups in Korean Entertainment.

2NE1 caused an uproar shortly after debuting because they were a girl group that shed the typical cute and sweet image and put on a street style persona as they went up the stage for their first performance of “Fire.” Countless teenagers, not only in Korea, but all over the world started to absorb this colorful, funky, and androgynous style to their wardrobes. They’re stylists Yang “Yanggaeng” Seung Ho and Lee “Daniel Sexy Lee” Hyun Jung even had their own following! Imitations of their famous Lego accessories were all over the internet and fashion blogs were a buzz about these girls. They wore clothes from known brands and designers like Alexander McQueen, Phenomenon, KTZ, and Chrome Hearts among others.

Don’t think it stops there! Internationally known  sports brand FILA chose 2NE1 as their endorsers in Korea because the exuded an athletic and active yet feminine vibe, perfect for the image of the brand. And if that wasn’t enough, online clothing store 11st also chose 2NE1 as the perfect ambassadors for their brand.

For their first full-length album, they enlisted the help of designers from the underground clothing brand Viva.H, Seo Han Young and Lee Han Jung who are good friends with the former stylists who reportedly enlisted to the military (Yanggaeng/Xin) and went back to London (Daniel). This is when we started to see the transition from the more boyish street style from their performances for “Fire” evolve to a more feminine fierce approach. And further more, they’re comeback became extra special, fashion-wise, because after knowing that the girls were returning to the music scene, American fashion designer Jeremy Scott sent them personalized pieces just for their come back!

Speaking of American Jeremy Scott, the fashion designer to the stars, whose clothes are worn by Hollywood celebrities like Kanye West, Kelly Osborne, Vannessa Hudgens, Ciara and Paris Hilton, bonded with 2NE1 after meeting them on one trip to Seoul and even had all four girls in tow at the2010 Korea Style Icon Awards where he revealed that CL is his “muse” and where they won Style Icon Best Female singer. Jeremy Scott even shot a photo shoot with 2NE1 Leader Cl for Harper’s Bazaar Korea!

For 2ne1’s first released promo photos for their Japanese debut, 2NE1 played off their sexiness (Without the need of showing skin) by going for the punk rock theme of Balmain’s Spring 2011 RTW collection! Now these are the type of girls you don’t mess with! (Plus they’re wearing things you probably can’t afford in your lifetime ^^) We’re excited for more photos, more fashion, and even more beautiful music from the edgy girls of 2NE1!


First up is suddenly sexier Minzy with her shoulder-length hair chopped off blacked out do.

Balmain two-tone baseball leather jacket-  5450.00 €

Silver and Black jeans-  1350.00 €


Up next is the pouty female of Seoul City. Our leader went back to light blond and opted to leave her hair down.

Embellished leather motocross jacket-  5450.00 €

Multicolour printed trousers- 1500.00 €


Dara is up with her bob brushed to one side giving her hair the shaved-off-one-side-ala-GD effect

Silver Leather Biker pants- 2700.00 €

Rogue Tie-Dye Punk Top – $1740.00


Last up is Bom playing up the simple yet sultry feel.

Printed cotton tank top- £260

Black and red Biker jeans- 1300.00 €


What do you think of the outfits? are you guys excited for more of 2NE1’s Japan debut fashion choices! The album is dropping in the land of the Rising sun at March 16th so make sure to keep it locked on LetsPlay2NE1.wordpress.com for updates!

SOURCE: Balmain and Net-a-Porter via ygcloset.wordpress.com

Written by MeeyaMia @ LetsPlay2NE1.wordpress.com

Tip for Dara’s top from: Iamrekushi @ LetsPlat2NE1.wordpress.com


5 thoughts on “[GOODIE #16] Who is 2NE1 Wearing for their Japanese Debut?

  1. Dara’s top is also from Balmain,it’s “Rouge Tie-Dye Punk Top” unfortunately these color is not available only the black one. And I suggest to shop at official Balmain e-shop since its much cheaper than net-a-porter.

    • Ugh, I don’t think I can ever afford anything Balmain in my entire life, I actually personally love this collection when I first saw it during new year but yeah… Very expensive. Maybe I should dye a couple of old jeans, distress some jackets and embellish some old tops. After all, ukay is all I can afford :)

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