[FANMADE] An Early CL Birthday Present: I Need a Girl Remix!



It’s known to a lot of people that Kpop fans are not only very dedicated, they’re very talented too! This one fanboy from Waipahu, Hawaii is an example of both!

I must say, he may be one of the very few decent men left in this world, here’s an excerpt from his Youtube profile:

19 year old rapper from Hawaii.
I don’t smoke anything.
I don’t drink.
I am not in a gang.
I don’t commit felonies.
I am a pacifist, but still will fight for what I love and/or believe in.
God, fam, homies, then music.

Rapping about money makes us shallow and we lose sight of what really matters in life. Degrading women and objectifying them makes them lose sight of how special they truly are. Glorifying gang life shortens the life spans of our youth, as does setting drugs and guns up on a pedestal.

I’d much rather show people the importance of words through my music. Not to degrade, but to encourage. Not to lead a materialistic life, but to see the deeper meanings in things. Not to mindlessly repeat a catchy hook, but to rewind a well-written and thought-provoking verse and finding something new each time it plays again.


Without further ado, Here’s emceeRANTSOM with his CL version of I Need a Girl by Taeyang of Big Bang!




A/N: Check out more (Kpop) covers in his Youtube channel!

SOURCE: emceeRANTSOM @ Youtube


WRITTEN BY: MeeyaMia @ LetsPlay2NE1..wordpress.com


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