[NEWS] Korea’s biggest group 2NE1 make their debut in Japan this Spring

The 4-member Korean girl group 2NE1 released their debut single in Japan, entitled “Go Away”, on the 22nd February. Since their 2009 debut, they have become the 30th biggest group in Asia and their music videos have been viewed over 2.6 million times on YouTube. They are really taking the music world by storm and are gaining a name for themselves as a super unit. K-Pop’s biggest group are looking forward to doing battle in the J-Pop market.

At last year’s MAMA awards, 2NE1 became the first female group to win the prestigious Artist of the Year award. 2NE1 have finally arrived in Japan.

They made their debut in Korea in March, 2009 as the protegee of 5-member boy band BIG BANG. The R&B/electronic fusion, cool dance and eccentric fashion sense which have become so popular amongst Korean and Asian girls in general have been inspired by American singer Lady Gaga (25).

Since their debut, every one of their singles has gone to number 1 in the charts. As well as the MAMA, they have won a further 30 awards in Korea. This success is spilling over into the West. will.i.am (35) of the Black Eyed Peassaw their stuff on their internet and called them “genius.”

Will was introduced to the girls in LA last summer and recorded with them. Fashion designer Jeremy Scott (36), a favourite of Madonna’s (52), praised the girls’ fashion sense, calling them “promising for the future.” He can see their original style becoming world famous.

In the middle of all this, they have secured their Japanese debut. Japanese record company Avex saw one of their performances and were reportedly shocked by the perfection of the girls’ songs and their refined fashion sense. After hearing about their success in Korea, they immediately set up negotiations with the group.

The single ‘Go Away’ is their first Japanese language song. The ringtone of this song will be available from 9th March. As well as Japan, entry into the western market is also in sight. The leader of the group CL (19) says that she hopes that they can live up to the fans expectations.

This popular K-Pop group will surely light up the Japanese chart race.

Source: Sanspo (pg. 1), (pg. 2)
Translated by:the wonderful Dan @YGLadies.com

Disclaimer: This article was translated word for word from the article provided by Sanspo.com; there may be factual inaccuracies~



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