[ARTICLE] Dara and CL’s bare faces become a hot topic!

Dara & CL's Bare Faces

Girl group 2NE1 members, Sandara Park and CL unveiled their gorgeous bare faces, and are now becoming a hot topic.
On the 18th, Sandara Park updated with CL while on their trip to Japan, disclosing a picture, which drew attention to their superior bare face beauties.

She updated with, “Wassup! Darong Darong’s trip down memory lane! Ke We went to Japan last January, and an unfamiliar and nervous Darong came with someone who was very accustomed to Japan, Guide CL ke snap! Kya~! The memories of that time….keep popping up and it feels refreshing! +.+ This pic was taken by photographer Gong!” and revealing a picture with CL.

In the first picture, with her fingers forming a V and wearing a black beanie, Sandara Park showed her cute charm. The black nail polish and her outfit created a great harmony, while CL’s blonde-dyed hair also garnered attention. In particular, their bare faces were highlighted, much unlike their usual appearnce on stage, with their charismatic make-up.

Because of the cold weather, the way her skin remained immaculate and seemingly not affected at all, captivated netizen’s attention. Sandara Park has always been known for her flawless skin, and now CL is also showing a different side of her, boasting good skin also.

In the second picture, it showed the two of them sitting on a dining room table, sharing a meal, and showing a relaxed pose. Sandara, showed on the left, posted, “A trip down memory lane with Darong Darong!” she said of memories, “This was taken by Gong-photographer!” she said.

Netizens who viewed the photos commented with, “I think Sandara Park unnie is the queen of freshness!” “Both of you are cute,” “Wow, so beautiful!” “The sparkle of goddess-like beauty appears in your bare face,” “You have really good skin,” “Your no make-up face is more beautiful,” “You’re both very sexy,” showing a hot reaction.


Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20110220n12071 and http://news.nate.com/view/20110220n09324
Translated by: knucklepink@DaraGon-Hideout.com/ Belle@OhDara.com
Taken from YGUnited.com


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