(UPDATED!) [VIDEO] The Cast of SBS Heroes visit 2NE1 and Big Bang’s Practice Rooms

PART 1 of 2

The girls from Heroes visits the YG building!

Check it 0ut after the jump! (Plus a little trivia!)

The girls need a place to practice far a Bboy challenge and one of the cast members, Yoon In Na (An actress managed by YG Entertainment) takes them to the YG Building. As they come down the van, After School’s leader Kahi starts excitingly asking if Big Bang was there. No Hong Chul briefly mentions that that is where Big Bang, 2NE1 and Se7en practice. The girls, including former Jewelry member Seo In Young expressed awe and amazement at the high-quality practice room and the interior design of the building. We’ll post more videos as soon as there is more!

PART 2 of 2

Tip and summary from meemiaya of LetsPlay2NE1
Uploaded by renKa002 of LetsPlay2NE1
source: ne-people

A/N: Trivia! Kahi used to be a backdancer for YG Entertainment’s more senior artists like JinuSean, Masta Wu and 1TYM. She has worked and is familiar with long time YG ENtertainment artists, including GDragon and Taeyang.

First picture: Kahi and GDragon during his trainee days

Second Picture: (For Phone Number- JinuSean MV)

1. Dancing with Jinusean’s Sean

2. Kahi to the right of Psy

2. Getting hosed down by BaekKyoung of 1TYM

PICTURE SOURCES: dkpopnews.net and ygworld.wordpress.com


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