2NE1 going to Malaysia

2011 the Korean wave will continue to sweep through Malaysia, Kpop fans be prepared to be busy for the whole year! Following an earlier report by “Sin Chew Entertainment” that Halo Music will bring Big Bang and Se7en to Malaysia this year to meet the fans, 2NE1 will be making their way to Malaysia too.

According to sources, Big Bang and 2NE1 have finalized to come to Malaysia on June 4th where the 5 member group Big Bang and 4 member group 2NE1 will also collaborate to hold a large-scale fan meeting at Bukit Jalil Putra Stadium.

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[PHOTOS] Dara On Etude House New BB Cream CF

Dara’s new Etude CF will be out on March 4. More photos under the cut. Continue reading

[ME2DAY/110220] Thunder Visits Dara Noona & 2NE1 at Waiting Room

개똥이 투애니원 대기실오다!가끔 개똥이와 같은 방송을하는날이면 난 항상 개똥이네 대기실로 가곤했다.그런데!!!어제 데뷔이후 처음으로!부끄럼쟁이 개똥이가 우리 대기실로왔다!깜놀했고 기뻣다ㅋ 와서 인사도 하고 봄이누나 씨엘친구 밍끼동생과 사진도찍었다!^.^ 훈훈해!훈훈해!


Thunder came to the 2NE1 waiting room! Usually, it’s me who goes to Thunder’s waiting room on performance days, but this time he came to see us. But!!! Yesterday was like debut! Thunder came to our waiting room! Felt goodㅋ He came and took a picture with Bom noona, CL and Minji!^.^ Warm! Warm!

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YG Family will invade the houses of every Japanese fan.

It has been announced that the Japanese TV Channel TBS will broadcast the concert hold by the 2010 YG Family Concert in Seoul with Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, Gummy and Psy.

With the expansion of Big Bang and 2NE1 into the Japanese market this is going to be a huge step in development of their promotions.

The show is scheduled to air on March 27 from 9:30 to 11:30 PM.

Be sure to check your TV guide in case you are one of the lucky ones who will enjoy it.

source: TBS
found at: bigbangupdates
taken from gokpop.com

[VIDEO] 2NE1 featured in BLOOMBERG along with Big Bang, Wonder Girls, SNSD and other artists

2NE1 on Bloomberg

Bloomberg one of the United States leading financial news companies did short segment on the popularity of K-pop and how with social media sites is changing the way we see music.

The weekend program Monocle on Bloomberg covered many aspects from marketing strategics, music, and music videos.

The show featured clips from Big Bang, 2NE1, Wonder Girls, and Girls’ Generation, and Monocle even featured a short interview with GD&TOP.

Producers from YG Entertainment discussed how companies are also changing the industry, so they can appeal to a more global market, and how YouTube is helping them achieve that.

You can check out the short segment here starring from 10:54.

Source: Bloomberg
Taken from gokpop.com
Capped by renka002@letsplay2ne1

NOTE: 2NE1 is seen around 14:19